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        Kirstin Toedtling


        grew up in Vienna, and moved to Bournemouth in the UK after high school. I studied art and design for a year, and then moved to London where I completed a degree in Design at Goldsmiths University. Next, I worked for the Greenwich-based film company Lonelyleap. After a total of four years in London, I moved away from big city life and back to Austria – but as a keen snowboarder I wanted to be in the mountains; somewhere I could snowboard regularly, and simultaneously continue my studies. The answer was Vorarlberg. In 2017, I completed my Master’s degree in Intermedia at the FH Dornbirn. After a year working for a photography studio in Bregenz, where I worked on several weddings, I got the taste for wedding photography.  In 2018 I began running her own photography business. Since then I have met so many amazing couples and build friendships from my job. 


        We work to suit your needs on your special day. We are flexible in our work with film or photography, whatever will suit you. Below is an outline of how we work, and what you can expect from us. Each wedding is unique, and everyone’s wedding size, budget and tastes are different. We offer three different offers of time coverage. Photography, film or both.

        Getting Ready

        For many people this can be a huge part of the day. For us; this is where we get to know you and take some beautifully candid shots in a more casual setting, without the pressure of the ceremony. It’s also a time for you and your guests to get comfortable around the camera, and to our presence in the background.

        First look

        We then suggest taking some photographs of you as a couple before the ceremony, including the first time you see each other in your wedding outfits. We find it can be a magical moment to capture on camera, and a unique time for you to spend together. This is before the start of the ceremony and without all the other guests around, so you can be yourselves. Don’t worry – at this point we find it best to keep things natural and stress-free. Let us think about how to make you feel comfortable…you just need to enjoy the moment.

        Wedding Ceremony

        During the ceremony, we are again very quiet and inconspicuous, and our equipment means we never need to use the flash. We try to get a feel for the entire place – so we will take pictures of you, your guests in the audience, the space or venue, and every little detail that contributes to the atmosphere, so that when we go through to make our selection of the best images, we look for the ones that truly capture the feel of the ceremony.


        After the ceremony

        At this point in the day, we centre ourselves around you; this way we tend to capture most guests as they offer their congratulations, and all the little happy exchanges that take place. The rest is up to you. Let us know the kind of images you’d like us to capture… groups, the entire party, small groups, couples…we are completely adaptable.


        We continue to photograph throughout dinner: the tables, the settings, the decoration and of course you and your guests enjoying yourselves. We don’t photograph guests actually eating dinner, but we are poised and ready to capture every cherished moment of the speeches. Ideally you will place us in either the dining area or adjoining room so that we don’t miss anything.

        Party / reception

        We find that the reception is a lovely time for photos with friends and family, and as the guests begin to drink, socialise and dance, the evening draws in and everyone relaxes. We are there to capture the shift from ceremony to party, and take photos that transport you back to the joy of these celebrations. 


        Our recommendation for the day

        In our experience, 8-10 hours will allow us to cover the story  of the day including getting ready, the ceremony, dinner and reception. If you would prefer more photos to be taken you can top up. We are totally flexible.



        We also know that weddings are all unique and each one will need a different plan. If you send us an enquiry we will be happy to send you details on our prices, packages and personal recommendations. 



        How would you describe your style of photography?

        Do you also attend weddings abroad?

        Do you make wedding films?

        How does it all work before the wedding?

        I am not photogenic at all. How do I get nice photos?

        Do you make photo albums?

        We aim for authenticity above all, and unposed, natural photos that capture the spirit of the day.

        Bridal couple

        Dear Kirstin, dear Raphael,

        We want to thank you once again from the bottom of our hearts for all that you have done for and on our great day for us.
        The photos turned out great and we are also very happy with the editing, the realization of our wishes for the photo book and of course your work on our wedding.
        Thanks for everything, you are great. Dearest greetings,


        Bridal couple

        Dear Kirstin,

        Thank you very much for your photographic accompaniment of the most important day :).
        We felt we were in good hands with you, the shooting was really fun!
        Of course we are very excited about the pictures!

        Best wishes,


        Bridal couple

        Dear Kirstin,

        Thanks for the great photos. Just the way we imagined it - fairytale in the forest!

        Best wishes,





        Dear Kirstin, your photos are beautiful! The shooting was really fun too. We really liked your whole style. Loose, calm, uncomplicated, likeable.


        MEGA had fun! Thanks for the perfect photos!


        WHY "MYRTLE"

        In case you were curious about our name, here’s a short explanation. The Myrtle is a richly branched evergreen shrub. In ancient Greece, the plant was dedicated to Aphrodite, Goddess of love, and Greeks and Romans once adorned their brides with myrtle branches. This wedding custom arrived in German-speaking countries during the 16th century, when people would make wreaths and give sprigs of the bush to pin on various members of the wedding party. After the ceremony, the bride would traditionally bury the wreath in the earth where it would continue to grow as a symbol of long-lasting marital bliss. And so the bush found its way into people’s homes, and is considered one of the first domestic house plants.
        We find the myrtle bush to be the perfect symbol for what we do. Preservation and celebration of unity is at the heart of our work, as with the myrtle bush. It’s about preserving traditions and celebrating lasting love, as well as a nod to our favourite place to take pictures - outside in nature.