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        Hi everyone, nice to welcome you to my website. I'm Kirstin, the person behind Myrtle Weddings. As an experienced wedding photographer, my main focus is on natural and authentic photos and films around your wedding day.

        The quintessence of my wedding photography is: to capture you, your celebration, the special mood and your guests, who celebrate this special day with you, with coherent and unaffected photos.

        I have a special sense of timing for the right moments. If you think you're not particularly photogenic, I can probably prove you wrong. You can start wiggling your ears, because I will skilfully capture the festive mood on your faces, including many beautiful details, and make you glow without the photos degenerating into kitsch. I will move discreetly in the background and still capture every important moment.

        It is important to me that you feel you are in good hands: every person is unique and I will respond intensively to your special wishes and to your own way of celebrating and capture the big day in its uniqueness for you. Thanks to my many years of experience, I also get a wonderful endorphin rush every time before a wedding and am always at your side with a lot of verve and commitment during your preparations and, of course, during your celebration.

        The results of my work are expressive images that speak for authenticity and timelessness. Not only do I create beautiful photo reportages, but I also have a great team at my side with professional skills for videos, which we can also offer you as a second shooter.

        Nice words from a former bride:

        For a wedding you invest quite a bit - besides a lot of love, deer fat and a wealth of ideas, these are above all also more or less large financial investments.

        What remains afterwards? Most certainly a permanent hovering above the ground for a long time - especially during and directly after the celebration, when you are filled with happiness and love and this broad grin no longer wants to leave your face.

        Shortly after the celebration, the first bills arrive and you pay them all with a smile (at least that's how it was with us), because money somehow can't outweigh the love, joy and gratitude you feel inside after the wedding.

        What remains in the long term are the many beautiful memories and moments that you share with friends ("Do you remember?") and - you guessed it: the photos.

        What I want to say after this long introduction: do not save in any case on the photos on this day and also do not do without a couple shooting under a professional escort. Every little detail you can recall in the pictures later for a long time, even if it has already become a little paler in the memory.

        Kirstin gave us many helpful tips for planning the day long before the wedding. She was there when the final touches were made to the styling. We had a "First Look" afterwards and a great couple shoot, where she teased out our acting qualities with funny instructions ("... imagine you are being followed!"). She was there afterwards for the wedding ceremony, reception, agape, group photos, dinner and even the party - always charming, unobtrusive and always on the spot when good motifs arose.

        We are very happy with our pictures and it is still fun to look through them. Kirstin has provided us with a huge selection in which you can always discover new details. Especially the couple shooting still makes our heart jump - we felt rarely looked so good in pictures and the instructions (see above) make the pictures diverse, funny and charming. The shots are authentic and seem unaffected, those who know us have confirmed that they reflect our personalities, as there may also be room for wit and humor.

        We would like to thank Kirstin once again for accompanying us on this day and can absolutely recommend her - for (photographic) moments that stay.

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        A wedding in Engadine in Switzerland - Amanda & Philip


        Wedding in Ibiza - Ines & Hector


        Wedding celebration at Gebhardsberg with Tijana & David

        Wedding Eckartsau Castle PHOTOGRAPHY

        Wedding in Eckartsau Castle near Vienna

        What Valentina says:

        After the first meeting in Vienna and the first test photos, we were convinced not only of Kirstin as a person - today a dear friend of ours - but also of her extraordinary talent. My husband and I are not big photo fans and are not very good at posing. Kirstin immediately conjured up a warm and relaxed atmosphere and the first fantastic pictures of us were taken. On our wedding day itself, she was incredibly helpful, spontaneous and insanely flexible, which was a huge benefit to us on our day! We didn't even notice her during the ceremony and yet she was always in the perfect place at the right time.

        We can't thank her enough for these beautiful photos of our wedding. She far exceeded our expectations, was part of our crew from the first second and managed to show us from our most beautiful and romantic side. Her photos are a gift for eternity.

        Vielen Dank <3

        We hope you will find a suitable wedding photographer for Vorarlberg or Vienna. I know the uncomfortable feeling of being photographed only too well. I'll take away that feeling of self-consciousness. You could also say that we are the right wedding photographers for people who get a stomach ache when they hear the word wedding photographer. Big kitsch and clichés are not our thing. You can also put it a lot like this: We are the right wedding photographers* for people who want wedding photography, but without kitsch and cliché. In summary, we can say: We take natural, authentic photos and films of your wedding. For us, wedding photography is about capturing you, your wedding, the good vibes and the people celebrating your special day with you with atmospheric, emotional and aesthetic photos. Our biggest concern in what we do is that you feel you are in good hands with us. Every wedding, every person is unique. We are allowed to be the quiet observers in the middle of it all. As cheesy as it sounds - capturing this day in its uniqueness is really something very special for us. We still get excited before every wedding and find it nice to capture positive memories for you. Planning a wedding is often stressful enough. That's why we are always at your side on the way to the wedding and on the day itself. You can benefit from our experience - there are no questions you can't ask us. We are your companions for the wedding, unobtrusively and quietly capturing the most beautiful moments authentically. We live in Vorarlberg and Vienna and work mainly in the border triangle of Vorarlberg, Eastern Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Southern Germany.

        The Myrtle Weddings head office is located in Dornbirn, in the yellow factory. A stone's throw from Bregenz, Feldkirch, Bregenzer Wald and Lustenau. But we also like to make longer trips to the Arlberg, into the depths of the Montafon or even over to Switzerland. And regardless of that, we have a photographer in the team who is also based in Vienna. We are well positioned.