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        kirstin hauk

        About me

        I am Kirstin, a wedding photographer and videographer with a great passion for natural, authentic photography and films. I am based in the border triangle (Vorarlberg, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Southern Germany) and my hometown Vienna.

        I am described by others as a "sensitive adventurer, an intelligent person with a super eye, a surprisingly different observer, an honest dreamer, an unconventional delicate person, a reserved expert who tells stories with her pictures".

        Here follows a short biography for those who want to know where I gained my education and work experience: I was born and raised in Vienna. After graduating from high school, I spent a year in Bournemouth, UK at the Arts Institute. Very enthusiastic about the English creative scene and its humour, I decided to do a full design degree at Goldsmiths University in London. Afterwards I worked for a year at the London film company Lonelyleap. After four years in London, I was drawn away from city life back to Austria - and to the mountains. I wanted to live somewhere where I could go snowboarding a lot but continue my studies at the same time. That's how I ended up in Vorarlberg. I graduated from the FH Dornbirn with a Master's degree in Intermedia in 2017. After a year as a salaried photographer in a photo studio in Bregenz, where I photographed quite a few weddings, I got a taste for wedding photography. I find it really exciting to get to know so many exciting people in my work. And to build connections and friendships with couples. Best job!


        It would be a pleasure for me to accompany your wedding photographically or cinematically. In the next lines you will find more detailed information about the process and our way of working.

        Our wedding photography and video packages are based on different building blocks. Every wedding is unique, and people, tastes and budget sizes are different. In advance, you can start to think about how many hours you want me to be there. That's why we're presenting you with the different sections and timings that usually exist at each wedding. This will help you to estimate how long one of us should be there. If you're not sure, feel free to ask us - we have a pretty good understanding of how weddings work by now.

        Getting Ready

        We would come to your hotel or home, where you get ready and make yourself beautiful. We are very discreet, we take pictures of the bride being made up, take detail shots of the dress, suit, jewellery and other wedding items. Snapshots. We take pictures of the groom getting dressed, tying his bow tie, toasting with the best man, etc. The Getting Ready is also a time for me to warm up to you, for us to get to know each other a bit, and for you to get used to the camera. We would plan about 1.5 hours for the Getting Ready.

        First moment and portrait shooting

        Then we would normally suggest doing the first portrait shoot. You will see each other for the first time in wedding attire, and this is an atmospheric moment that is very nice to capture on camera. You are alone and don't have the whole wedding party with you - that might be quite pleasant for such a big moment ... You don't have to be afraid of the portrait shooting, it is quite relaxed and without any pressure. We have our tricks to capture you in the best possible way with the camera, so that it looks natural and unposed :).

        The advantage of doing the portrait shoot before the ceremony is that you have more time for your guests and the celebration afterwards. Normally we would go out with you in the evening and take a few photos in the evening light. For the first portrait shoot we would plan about an hour. The witnesses to the marriage are usually present. We can then also take more photos with them.

        Wedding ceremony

        During the wedding ceremony we are again very inconspicuous and quiet. We do not flash. Our camera equipment and especially our lenses are very bright. We don't need a flash or additional light. We photograph you, the ceremony and the guests in the audience. The crying mommies in the front row. The decorations, details and atmosphere. And of course the exit.


        Agape (=reception)

        During the agape, we again photograph the moments, take smaller group photos - if desired. Or even a group photo of the whole company. The congratulations also take place during the agape. We stay close to you, then we have almost every guest on camera. The Agape is generally a good time to take group photos and family photos.


        Before the evening party, we continue with snapshots, photographing the decoration, the set-up, the people celebrating etc. At the dinner itself, we don't photograph guests eating. But usually the speeches take place between the courses, for these actions we are then ready and capture them. I am also present for other beautiful moments during this time. It would be good if you could place us in the dining room or in the next room so that we don't miss anything.


        After dinner, it's time for the big party. We'll be there when you're shaking a leg and the bridal dance is taking place. We photograph or film people dancing, laughing and celebrating, and perhaps also the cake that is cut at some point in the evening. Or other surprises and evening programme items that have been prepared for you.


        We recommend that you have me with you for at least 8 hours, then the whole day is basically covered and you get a good overall impression of your big day. With 8 hours, you will still miss out on one of the two sections, either towards the front (getting ready) or towards the back (party). But if you only want to have someone with you until dinner, for example, this is a good solution. If you want more photos towards the end, I would recommend 10, 12 or 14 hours. Of course, every wedding is different, but these are some guidelines. And a large part of all weddings usually run like this or similar. We will be happy to tell you exactly how much the packages cost by asking us personally. We will then send you a brochure with more detailed information on prices and the package components.

        Bride and groom

        Dear Kirstin,

        We would like to thank you once again from the bottom of our hearts for everything you did for us on our big day.
        The photos turned out great and we are also very happy with the editing, the implementation of our wishes in the photo book and of course your work on our wedding.
        Thank you for everything, you are great.
        Best regards,


        Bride and groom


        Dear Kirstin,

        We would also like to thank you very much in this way! The pictures are soooo unbelievably beautiful, we are still blown away and thrilled. We look at the pictures together all the time and have a new favourite every time. :)

        Thank you so much for this great gift you have given us!

        Liebe Grüsse
        Sven und Eva (und Archi natürlich <3 )

        - EVA & SVEN

        Bride and groom


        Dear Kirstin, your photos are beautiful! The shooting was also really fun. We liked your whole manner. Relaxed, calm, uncomplicated, really likeable.


        Bride and groom


        Dear Kirstin

        Thank you very much - that was super fast!!! The photos are really really good, we are very happy! Thank you very much for your efforts, we rounded up a little :).

        Kind regards

        - ANDREA & MANUEL


        If anyone has ever wondered why our wedding page is called "Myrtle Weddings", here is a brief explanation.... Myrtle is an evergreen shrub with many branches. In ancient Greece, the plant was dedicated to Aphrodite, the goddess of love. The Greeks and Romans used to decorate their brides with myrtle branches. This wedding custom reached German-speaking countries in the 16th century. The groomsmen and the bridegroom were given twigs to pin on their heads. Sometimes also the bridesmaids. After the wedding, the bride put the myrtle wreath in the ground, where it took root and continued to grow. It was a symbol of lasting marital happiness. This is how the plant found its way into people's homes. It is considered one of the oldest houseplants.
        I found this symbolism quite appropriate for weddings. Also the many branches of the plant - relationships are often branched. Since I prefer to take my wedding photos somewhere green and in nature, I found this plant to be a suitable symbol and name for my wedding business. And big plus: it can be drawn beautifully and is decorative :). And because of the reference to antiquity, the logo now also has an antique touch. The logo will be available in different variations, sometimes without a branch, sometimes less bushy. Depending on the area of application, sometimes more, sometimes less.