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        Wedding photography & film

        Are you looking for a wedding photographer in Switzerland, especially in Eastern Switzerland (like St.Gallen, Zurich, Chur, Winterthur, Thurgau, Graubünden) and who offers wedding photos and video from one source? Then you are right with us as we make authentic wedding photos and modern wedding videos. We are not fans of kitsch and forced poses, but our wedding films capture the emotions in an exceptionally beautiful way. Our films are a combination of the emotions, the little gestures, the events, the happy faces, the body language, laughter, crying and dancing – all harmoniously cut together and accompanied by suitable music. Our films are atmospheric highlight videos that fit the wedding and are not boring. Watching the film afterwards, you will experience all the emotions you experienced during the preparation, the wedding ceremony, the reception, the couple shooting and the celebration, with moving images, once again in a completely different way.
        It is a joy to watch the day again in motion and with the right sound, and it also creates a beautiful memory for eternity. As a wedding photographer and videographer, we are not only on the road in Zurich and the surrounding area for wedding photography and films but also internationally in Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland and all over Europe.